Communicating God’s Truth, Grace and Love

“I” was getting my life back in order since my oldest child had gone to college. I planned to have more time, less chores and more energy. However, for the last weeks many “uncontrollable events” have gone on in my life, ie. funerals, out of town guests, 3 children sick (all at different times). Therefore, my way of looking at my mission statement changed. Even though I didn’t really get a chance to “live” the new schedule I had to filter every action through the very first part of my mission statement,

“To communicate God’s truth, grace and love…..” So, my prayer became, “Lord please just let me show your grace to each person you put me into contact with.” This simple prayer, knowing that it is part of my mission statement, has freed me from the frustration that held me hostage for many years. Don’t get me wrong, I do not plan to give up on changing my schedule, but I do plan to bask in God’s grace for lending me a bit of His grace.


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