Bibiche Rutunda Gives Hope to a War Torn People

From the fall of man in Eden, the woman lost her value. History shows us how Jesus Christ came to restore that value, being born of a woman and including women in his ministry. In spite of that, women around the world kept struggling with their identity.

In Rwanda, a country who has known the horror of genocide, the woman lost husband, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc…

Back in 1996 when I was praying, asking God how I could be of help to a people who has been through such a tragedy; the Lord put to my heart the women and the orphaned children. From the year 1997, I started sharing the gospel with my closest neighbours with mostly the message that we were all made in God’s image even though the wounds and despair were still too deep. I have organized seminars, retreats and outreaches ever since, with one message, we were made in God’s image. Genesis 1:26-28

In 2004, after the Chang Mai seminar in Thailand, the Lord put to my heart to start a ministry with military spouses with the theme from Proverbs 14:1 “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” The ministry grew from just being in Kigali, to being located in all 5 provinces of the country.

Then in 2013 my sister in Christ, Jan Speckman, put me in contact with The Significant Woman and God in His grace allowed Enid to come to Rwanda and that is when we met. She did a brief presentation and I personally realized that there were things I didn’t really give time like leisure and friendship. Having received the material, we made a trial of the pair coach and that is where I was amazed by the ladies’ growth. We started with a team of 16 women from Kibungo (Eastern province) and Kigali and they have kept on with the coaching up to date. Recently Mugeni and Kayitesi paid me a visit at home and told me how they have become best friends through pair coaching as they don’t only pray for each other but also share other important moments of their lives.

We have trained more than 125 women ever since, from all parts of the country and various Christian communities. Each was assigned to go and share her book with 5 other women. I am always amazed by how they are applying the teachings every time I get the grace to go on supervision. Among them, one pastor’s wife confessed that she used to consider her husband as crazy because of how he was constantly busy with the ministry; she never thought it concerned her at all until she even got to the point of not going to church since it was just her husband’s business. But after the training, she realized that she was made in God’s image and for a purpose. She then asked the Lord to forgive and decided to serve the Lord; she has already shared the manual with 6 other women.

The manual has played a significant role in multiplication and the pastors testify of its efficiency in their churches. More importantly, you can see the happiness and change in the women’s lives as they tell of how they now know their identity in Christ.

May the Lord bless each person contributing to this teaching.

(Bibiche Rutunda is originally from The Congo and came to Rwanda after the genocide to share the hope of the gospel with a war torn people.  She learned to speak Kinyarwanda and English in order to do so.)

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