This “life-coaching and discipleship” resource is proven to meet real needs by communicating that a “life of significance” begins in a personal relationship with Christ.

Building on the foundation of the gospel, The Significant Woman helps each woman grow spiritually and view her own life and its significance in the context of discovering and understanding God’s unique plan “just for her.”

The Significant Woman is a discipleship, life-coaching resource that helps connect women with the Lord and His unique design and calling on their lives.

"This course has been a blessing to our community of women and we would love to have you go through it and consider bringing it to your church.
I personally went through the course several years ago shortly after I entered full-time ministry. It helped confirm and clarify God’s gifting and calling in my life. I have witnessed how this course has been instrumental in the lives of many women at Immanuel Bible Church, directing them into ministry service all the while deepening their understanding and love for the Gospel in their lives.”
~ Bethany Drum, Church Women’s Ministry Director

The Significant Woman is effectively used in church strategies for introducing the gospel, fostering spiritual growth and encouraging evangelism.
It is a good resource to help women move from solely attending church to becoming active in the life of the church by serving and leading. It helps them discover their gifts, skills, abilities, passions and mission and how they can live those out in the power of the Holy Spirit. The resources helps build community among the women in a church as they participate in these coaching groups. The content covers key life issues.
The facilitator guide makes it easy to facilitate and once a woman completes the course, she is ready to lead others through the material. The content can also be used in a retreat or conference settings.

The Significant Woman is a resource that can minister to the women in your church and support effective outreach in your community.

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Last modified: October 13, 2018