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God has used The Significant Woman to remind me who I am in Christ and how He wants to use my gifts and strengths for His Glory!Two years ago I went to Panama with a group of 8 ladies from Woman Today, ministry I lead in Mexico. We all came back to Puebla, Mexico very impacted by the taste of TSW that we decided to start the coaching and get trained to share it with other ladies. We finished it in a year after a lot of tears and inner-healing and of course as good Mexicans in the middle of good food!After we conclude the coaching one of the ladies (Rosaura Salazar) took the challenge to share it with 16 other ladies in a city close to Puebla called Pachuca, Hidalgo. They finished it in 8 months and now there is another lady (Marisol Peredo) from that same group willing to start the coaching with another 15 ladies. That’s what we called a Movement lead by God.At the same time out of the first 8 ladies 5 of them (Eva Hernandez, Mónica Goryachev, Olga Contreras, Tere García and Rebeca García) started sharing it with 17 leaders of the Women’s ministry from their church so these 17 ladies as soon as they finish can start paring them to at least start 8 coaching groups with 6 or 8 ladies in each new group.Personally I can say God has done great things in my life through The Significant Woman Project , but the most significant is that I have discover what are the boundaries and barriers that didn’t allow me to go forward with my family and ministry.Today I can say that I am living intentionally knowing God had a unique purpose for my life and wants to use me the way I am. I have grown profoundly in my relationship with Him and have learned to use my uniqueness and gifts for His purposes.Almost at the time we finished The Significant Woman God opened up the doors for my husband to come to Canada to get His master’s degree in Theology and Leadership and I knew I had to overcome all the boundaries and barriers I have had before in surrender the ministry I had in Mexico. Now I know God had greater purposes as Women Today in Mexico is growing and God is using Rosaura one of the ladies to lead the ministry there.And me, I have now the great opportunity to start a new coaching group here in Steinbach, Manitoba in May this year with 6 ladies ready to learn their uniqueness and discover their own and personal mission in life.Cristina DubonCampus Crusade for Christ MexicoWomen Today Mexico

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