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The opportunity to coach women with The Significant Woman resource has been such a blessing.  The resource tool has been put together so beautifully you just want to go over it again and again! The bond between my group was so amazing and all the ladies looked forward to meeting every week at my home. I was so encouraged to see such a change in all of them and how they came to terms with the changes God is doing in them.

Two of the ladies are very close friends of mine and not believers. In fact, one was an agnostic but wanted to join the group.  After a few weeks her heart was changed and she said
“there must be a God because he is answering all my prayers”.
It was also challenging for me because each time I go through the book I identify more and more my core values and my strengths and it gives me confidence to use them and not think that I am not capable to help others.

I look forward to the end of the summer where I will be coaching another group of women in another town. I know God will help them to discover their core values and strengths and be able to lead other women. My ladies love the book because it is also a journal and they enjoyed all the exercises. It was very challenging for them.

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