This course encourages self-awareness and leadership development. The Significant Woman is relevant to leaders in all spheres of influence.

The Significant Woman is a life-coaching, discipleship resource for women. This small group resource provides a community environment that encourages growth and personal life change. The life-coaching tools found throughout the book provide opportunity for self discovery and practical steps for growth and development. As a group, the women encourage each other to take actions in faith to live out their personal mission.
The women who participate in these small groups develop personal mission statements, set goals and take actions to accomplish their personal mission. It is exciting and fun!
The Significant Woman is an incredible leadership development resource that not only ministers to women spiritually but will increase their effectiveness and enjoyment in their vocation as well as in their personal lives. Women are equipped to confidently lead and disciple others.
"I have facilitated two semesters of your course. Your course has changed and redirected lives for Christ." Carolyn, Professional

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Last modified: October 13, 2018