Who are the authors?

A team of women with diverse backgrounds in ministering to women contributed original material and design ideas to create The Significant Woman. All of The Significant Woman resources were field-tested by hundreds of women throughout the world before publication. The final authors of The Significant Woman are Diann Feldman—Executive Coach and Managing Director of Feldman and Associates, one of the leading coaching companies in Australia; Susan Heckmann—Women’s Coach for Campus Crusade’s International Area Team Leaders, and Gail Porter—Corporate Trainer for executive assistants in Campus Crusade and multinational companies in Asia.

What do I do once I finish the course?

The Significant Woman Course is a resource that grows with you throughout your life. The Participant Book and Facilitator Guide and other materials have been specifically designed to enrich your life in the present, as well as give you tools for continuing to make new discoveries throughout your life.

We encourage you to invite others to join you on the journey and to share with them how they, too, can live a life of significance.

Is The Significant Woman life-coaching course just like other Bible study courses?

While this course presents biblically-based principles, its focus is to equip women to live from a biblical perspective in all areas of their lives. The Significant Woman Team spent years of research and development, tapping the expertise of many women from Christian ministries around the world to produce the best possible discipleship course.

How can I order the significant woman?

The Significant Woman course materials may be ordered as a complete set or separately.

What is life coaching?

Life Coaching helps people who want to improve their lives in specific ways, such as changing careers, finding a healthy relationship, taking their business to a new level, losing weight or deepening their self-understanding. It also deals with stress management as well as time management, goal setting and other key areas of change to help people lead more balanced lives that better reflect their personal values and priorities.

The Significant Woman life-coaching course combines life-coaching methods and biblically based principles. This unique curriculum, developed by women, is designed exclusively for women. In The Significant Woman Course, the Holy Spirit, the members of your Life-Coaching Group, and your Peer Coach are your personal life coaches.

Can’t I just work through the course by myself?

The Significant Woman course is designed as a life-coaching resource which is oriented toward group discovery and interaction. Participants in the Life-Coaching Group encourage one another, pray and support one another, search the Scriptures together, help each other implement the Life-Coaching Tools and activities, and rejoice together as each woman grows in her relationship with God. Although we encourage you to join a group, you may find a friend to go through the course with you so that you can enjoy the benefit of having your own personal peer coach.

What makes the significant woman discipleship course so distinctive?

The Significant Woman resource is the only one of its kind to combine life coaching and a biblically based curriculum that equips women with principles for living a life of purpose and meaning. It provides the benefit of both a group environment and a peer-coaching relationship.

How do I use the significant woman facilitator guide?

The unique layout (preview the book) of the Facilitator Guide, with the facilitator notes positioned at the top of each participant page, enables you to easily facilitate your own group.

What is peer coaching?

Peer Coaching represents the personal and relational side of The Significant Woman course. Each participant has her own Peer Coach from within her Life-Coaching Group.

Her Peer Coach nurtures and guides her spiritual development, helping her see obstacles she may not realize, and providing unbiased feedback regarding areas that could be strengthened. Her Peer Coach is on the same journey and is a supportive and caring friend for her as she works her way through the life principles in this course.

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