There are many ways to schedule your Significant Woman Life-Coaching Group. Various schedule options for The Significant Woman course are presented here for your convenience. Of course, you are free to determine whatever other schedules might be more workable for you and your group.

You will want to choose the schedule that will provide the best opportunity for your women to build community and to integrate the life principles into their lives. Pray and ask God for wisdom to choose the optimum schedule.

Option 1

Timeframe: 8-10 weeks; 2 hours per week

Benefit: Meeting weekly for 2 hours each week creates the best atmosphere for the community and provides the best continuity for your group to learn and apply the principles.


The Significant Woman Weekly Course will cover:

Week 1 — Journey of Significance
Week 2 — Pursue Your Significance (You may want to allow two weeks for this principle)
Week 3 — Embrace the Source
Week 4 — Activate Your Mission (Part 1)
Week 5 — Activate Your Mission (Part 2)
Week 6 — Refocus Your Life
Week 7 — Live Intentionally

Option 2

Timeframe: An initial gathering of 1-3 days followed by weekly sessions of two hours to cover the remaining principles.

Benefit: Beginning with a day or more together will help your Life-Coaching Group grow quickly in trust and community. This will also reduce the total number of weeks your group will meet.


The Significant Woman sessions that may be covered in a consecutive-day gathering are:

Journey of Significance – two hours
Pursue Your Significance – two to three hours
Embrace the Source – two hours


The Significant Woman Weekly Course will cover:

Week 1 — Activate Your Mission (Part 1) (If time allows, you may wish to include this session during the initial gathering.)
Week 2 — Activate Your Mission (Part 2)
Week 3 — Refocus Your Life
Week 4 — Live Intentionally
Week 5 — Sustain for Life

Option 3

Timeframe: 14-16 weeks; weekly two-hour sessions; two weeks for most principles.

Benefit: Taking two weeks per principle allows more opportunity for the women to integrate the PEARLS principles into their lives, share personal victories and prayer requests, and focus more on the Scripture verses presented in the principles.

Also, this option may allow a chance for your members to begin their own Life-Coaching Group while they are still a member of your group. They can facilitate the principles they have already learned, and you can help coach them while they are learning new principles.


The Significant Woman sessions that may be covered are:

Journey of Significance – one week
Pursue Your Uniqueness – two weeks
Embrace The Source – one week
Activate Your Mission (Part 1) – two weeks
Activate Your Mission (Part 2) – two weeks
Refocus Your Life – two weeks
Live Intentionally – two weeks
Sustain for Life – two weeks (You may want to allow an additional session for your celebration.)

Option 4

Timeframe: Weekly one-hour sessions for 4-6 months.ples.

Benefit: This option allows your group to meet over a lunch hour, during a Sunday school class, or in another situation where they have only a one-hour block of time available.

Option 5

Timeframe: Monthly two-hour sessions for 8-10 months.

Benefit: This option provides an opportunity for some women who have limited time available during the month to participate in a group.

The challenge of this timeframe is for Peer Coaches to stay motivated to meet together and for you to stay connected with your Life-Coaching Group members during the month. You may need to purposefully plan to get together with them.