7. Sustain for Life


You Sustain for Life by adjusting, inviting others to join you on the journey, and being thankful.  Then you can keep growing personally and in your relationship with God and continue to make progress on your journey of living a life of significance.

Facilitator Guide page 416 – Integration Activity: The Road

If you desire to reduce the time allocated for this Integration Activity, you may choose to print The Road diagram to pass out to your women after you explain your own drawing. This printed diagram includes the drawing of the road as well as the boxes already labeled with these three categories: People who will encourage me, People I will encourage, and People I want to help begin their own journey.


Facilitator Guide page 415 – Invite others to join you on the journey

Under the Integration Activity: The Road – Part II, you will encourage them to think of people they may already know in different walks of life who may not yet know God personally. Refer them to the REACH section of the third principle, “Activate Your Mission.” The REACH diagram in on Participant Book page 102.


Facilitator Guide page 425

You may wish to print out copies of the reflection questions ahead of time to allow more time for your women to answer the questions during your group time. Or you may wish to E-mail the reflection sheet to your participants for them to respond later. (You may need to follow up to make sure you recieve everyone’s response!)


Facilitator Guide page 427

If time allows, we encourage you to plan a separate celebration so all of you will have a more relaxed time of sharing reflections about what God has done through your journey together.


Ideas from Facilitators

Participant Book Page 186/Facilitator Guide page 409 – Life Coaching Tool: Frame Your Decision with Pearls

In the Integration Activity used with this Life-Coaching tool, the group will identify a member who is currently facing a decision that requires a yes or no answer. Have that person first share her mission statement to help ensure that her decision is framed in alignment with her personal mission rather than her feelings.