A Foundation Principle That Renews Your Heart

As you Pursue Your Uniqueness, celebrating who God created you to be and His continued shaping of your life as His pearl, you will have your heart renewed for your journey of living a life of significance.


Participant Book page 24

Under the section God loves you and accepts you as you are, you may want to share the following quote by John Mason: “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”


Participant Book page 27 – Your Uniqueness Summary

As they go through this session and subsequent sessions, your group will gradually complete “Your Uniqueness Summary.” We recommend you and your group place a small Post-It™ note or gold paperclip on this page for easy reference throughout the course.


Participant Book page 29 – Life-Coaching Tool: Your Uniqueness Discovery – Skills and Abilities

Allow time for either the Peer Coaches or the whole group to discuss the skills and abilities they have discovered.


Participant Book page 30 – Life-Coaching Tool: Your Uniqueness Discovery – Life Experience

For this particular discovery that may become very personal, it is best to have the Peer Coaches talk together afterward.


Participant Book page 31 – Life-Coaching Tool: Your Uniqueness Discovery – Spiritual Gifts

Scripture passages and helpful questions are included in this tool. However, there are many excellent tests available for women who don’t yet know their spiritual gifts. You may want to suggest any tests with which you are familiar.


Facilitator Guide page 36A – Integration Activity: Affirmations from the Heart Activity

As explained in your notes, it is best for the women to write a note of affirmation for everyone in the group at the beginning of this activity. Suggest that they add their name and the date on each note for a longer-lasting remembrance.