An Action Principle That Keeps You Progressing on Your Journey

You Sustain for Life by adjusting, encouraging others and being encouraged, and being thankful.  Then you can keep growing personally and in your relationship with God and continue to make progress on your journey of living a life of significance.


Participant Book page 124 – Life-Coaching Tool: Frame Your Decision with PEARLS

Remember to allow for time for The Life-Coaching Group discussion after the women complete this tool as it provides an opportunity to ask questions, to share insights and to help reinforce one another’s decisions.


Participant Book page 129 – Life-Coaching Tool: Continuing Your Journey/Encouraging Others and Being Encouraged

The Continuing Your Journey Worksheet on this page includes boxes labeled with three categories: Encourage others, Be encouraged by others, and Encourage those on the side of the road. If you desire to reduce the time allocated for the completion of this tool, you may choose to make copies of this page to pass out to your women so they can easily and quickly fill in the boxes as you facilitate pages 125-128.

When you facilitate page 128 related to the third box, “Encourage those on the side of the road,” have the women turn back to the REACH diagram in Activate Your Mission – Session 2 (page 73). This diagram will help them think of names of people they want to encourage and also those on the side of the road with whom they can share how to begin their own journey with Christ.


Participant Book page 133 – Reflection Time

To save time at the end of this session, you may wish to type the Reflection Questions ahead of time, allowing space for their answers. Or you may wish to e-mail them the questions and the information section at the bottom of that page; but you may need to follow up to make sure you receive everyone’s responses.


Facilitator Guide page 133 B – Celebration

If possible, we encourage you to plan a separate celebration so all of you will have a more relaxed time of sharing reflections about what God has done through your journey.