Katies Hunger for God

The Significant Woman class made me realize my hunger for God. I now read my Bible (almost!) daily. My husband and I have also enrolled in several classes at church. TSW also taught me how important it is to live in community. So last fall my husband and I joined a a small group which has been awesome. I learned and have been able to implement that it is ok to say “no” as long as you are focusing on your God-given mission. I still sometimes wonder if I’m on the right track, but I love my life and am so blessed. I also learned that some goals you set are indirect so you can say a bigger “yes” later – like eating healthy and working out which will give you more energy to achieve your other goals.
This class was just what I needed at that moment in my life. I still need to be reminded of these principles! I know every woman would benefit from taking The Significant Woman class.

Katie M

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