The Significant Woman Taste in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country with rolling hills, distinguishing red dirt, tranquil waters

and tropical trees and plants. There are many high points to look over the city and enjoy

the hills and sky during the day and the city lights at night. There are high points in the

country to enjoy seeing the rolling landscape and rivers and lakes. It is truly breathtaking.


The beauty reminds me of the way the Rwandan people have rallied to rebuild their

country after so much devastation and destruction. I love that the Christian community

has provided leadership, service and vision for a people who desperately needed hope.

Here is a people that understand the need for and the power of forgiveness in order to

move forward. Following the Genocide in 1994 in order to move forward as a country,

people once friends and neighbors that became bitter enemies now had to forgive each

other and work together in ways you and I can only imagine.


The opportunity is ripe to apply the message of God’s sacrifice and forgiveness as

demonstrated by God sending His son to die so that we could be forgiven. Because only

God alone can understand the pain so many suffered and the after effects that still plague

many people and remind them afresh what they lost. Only God can provide the healing and

power of reconciliation needed to bring people to Himself and to each other.


Campus Crusade for Christ, International is one of the Christian groups that bring spiritual

hope to the people of Rwanda. Saturday, August 8, 2014, we gathered at a beautiful hotel

in Kigali, Rwanda to introduce the resource The Significant Woman to the women leaders.

Josephine Nyiraneza, travelled from the Eastern province to attend the conference. Her

ministry focuses on widows. Life is very hard for widows since the genocide. Often in

addition to loosing their husbands, many also lost their children. In the Rwandan culture,

children take care of elderly widows. Having lost their husbands and children, now as they

age they are alone. Josephine has been leading more than 300 widows and other women

since 2009.


The owner of the hotel greeted our group as we closed the conference, she was an unwed

mother as a teenager. Now her passion is to help young girls avoid that by encouraging

them to protect themselves and make wise choices. She also cares for the ones who find

themselves becoming mothers much too young. She is a living example to them as she

walks with God.


I met Winnie, another woman who attended the conference, on my first trip to Rwanda in

2011, where we took a group of ladies through several exercises in The Significant Woman

book and encouraged them to use the material with others. Winnie had been reading the

book for herself but had never thought to share it with others. This time she hopes to

lead a group through The Significant Woman.


Through the conference, Yvette, said that she discovered how she can easily share her

faith. She said because she was so afraid to share her faith, she lost time thinking about

herself. Yvette has decided to invite other women to join a group with her.

We closed the conference with the ladies thinking through ways they could use The

Significant Woman to encourage women in their sphere of influence.


The Significant Woman is being translated into Kinyarwanda, the native language of Rwanda. It is exciting

to see these women passionate about their own relationship with God and making room in

their lives to use The Significant Woman resource to encourage and lead others.

Not only is the country of Rwanda beautiful, but the people are beautiful too. Especially

the people who bring the gospel to their country and watch God transform lives and whole

communities so that Rwandans will know someone who truly follows Christ.


~ Enid Walker

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